What is a stand?

The main event of the Bazar International is the Bazar weekend that usually takes place at the end of November. This event is made up of 65 stands that, in most cases, represent a country. During the two-day event, they sell products that are typical for their country, ranging from food and drinks to a wide variety of jewellery, arts, clothes, accessories, toys, books and much more. The Bazar International basically allows the visitor to shop in 60 countries within a day.


All stands are run by their ‘Head of stand’ who organises the stand with the help of a team. In some cases, the stands get help from companies, donating money, or embassies helping by hosting events of which the profits are also donated to the Bazar. However, all stands are run by independent volunteers, devoting their private time, effort and energy to making the Bazar to an annual success. Together, the stands symbolise the world getting together, forgetting religions, borders and politics and whatever other differences, to raise money to donate to the less fortunate.