The purpose of the Bazar International is to help people in need. We do this by donating the profit of all that we make during our events to a diverse selection of charities, across the globe. We do not just want to help them, we want to make sure that our donations actually make a difference, get the charities going, set them up stronger for the future, in other words, make an impact.

Money can only be spent once, so it is our intent and wish to spend it as impactfully and usefully as possible.

Who we help

We focus on victims of poverty, violence and/or social isolation in general, and on empowering women and girls specifically.

In all corners of the world, we help people of all faiths, ethnicities and ages, from premature babies to the ageing poor. People suffering from intolerance, poverty, illiteracy, physical and mental disabilities; families torn apart by famine, disease and war; children at risk in remote, poverty-stricken villages, in refugee camps and on the streets of big cities.