48 charities in 7 categories

The Bazar is grateful to be able to support 48 charities with the profits of this year’s Bazar event. All of the charities we’ve selected fall in one of seven different categories.

The categories are published below. You can click on the yellow arrow in the photo or the buttons below the photos to scroll through the charities within a specific category. If you want to find out more about a charity, simply click on the photo and you’ll be redirected to the charities website.

Social reinsertion for homeless or abused people

2400 Sourires - Madagascar
Construction of a nursery for abandoned children aged 0 to 3 near Antananarivo.
Caritas Kolomyia - Ukraine
Contribution towards the repair of a building in Lviv to accommodate people displaced from conflict zones.
Association Casa Allianza - Honduras
Equipment, including furniture, for a new home for children who are victims of violence.
EDI (Enfants Défavorisés de l'Ile de Madagascar)
Construction and extension of a refuge and boarding school for street children in Tamatave.
Famiglia Sempre Onus - Kenya
Construction of a kitchen, refectory and perimeter wall for a home for disadvantaged children.
Great Care for the Little Ones - Lithuania
Remuneration for carers who assist single children (orphans, foster children, single-parent families, etc.) during hospitalisation.
The Root - Association on Women's welfare - Iceland
Renovating the furniture in the home for homeless women in distress.
The Friends of the Nicosia Children's home - Cyprus
Creation of an outdoor play area in a home for children from fragile backgrounds and refugees.
Eu Eos Meus Irmaos - Mozambique
Acquisition of basic necessities (food, clothing, shoes, etc.) for the Manhica orphanage, shoes etc) for the Manhica orphanage.

Medical care, sanitary medical equipment

Ambulanz Wonsch - Luxembourg
Fulfilment of the last wishes of bedridden and terminally ill patients who can only be transported by ambulance and with escorts.
CBM Luxembourg Foundation
Support for on-site training as an opthalmologist in Portuguese-speaking Africa.
Chance (Children Against Cancer) - Lebanon
Coverage of medical and surgical expenses for babies and children with cancer where there is no social security cover.
Child's Heart - Greece
Financial support for low-income families with a child born with heart disease (covering costs not covered by health insurance).
Faiz E Aam Welfare Trust - Pakistan
Provision of a medical van to bring practitioners into poor neighbourhoods to offer consultations and distribute medicines.
Médecins du Monde - Luxembourg/Esch-sur-Alzette
Supply of medication and psycho-social support to the Centre d'Accueil, de Soins et d'Orientation d'Esch.
St. Camillus Mission Hospital - Kenya
Help to fund treatment for 34 poor women with cancer.
Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) - Great Britain
Financing of a heart attack risk screening programme for a population of 100 young people aged 14 to 35.

Primary school education and support

Alsace - Laos Hong Hienne Bane Hao - Loas
Renovation of the primary school in Ban Bo (Savannakhet Province) and completion of construction of the kindergarten.
Knowledge for Children - Uganda
Provision of school books and teacher training in 4 schools in rural areas, in collaboration with the local authorities.
Pedagogul Virtual - Romania
Provision of distance learning for 100 needy, vulnerable or discriminated pupils in rural areas (computer equipment, technical support, teachers).
Five Loaves Two Fish - South Africa
Remedial reading course for children at Klipplaat primary school.
The Sun Crew - Philippines
Intensive literacy programme for 253-300 students identified as having insufficient literacy skills.
Together for Better - Dominican Republic
Development of the library at the FUCPE school in Villa Caboa.
WAVE (We All Value Excellence) - USA
Supplying school bags filled with books and school supplies to underprivileged young people in Atlanta.

Higher education vocational training

SOS Faim - Benin
Participation in a farm-school project, training centre for school drop-outs and promotion of agro-ecology.
Charity Action Network (CAN) - Gambia
Integrated farm project, 2x2 m modules for raising chickens and fish and growing vegetables in a closed circuit.
A Future for Kids - Rwanda
Construction of a building to provide vocational training for young single mothers and their children, who are looked after and fed during their training.
Foyer de Charité d'Aledjo - Togo
Building a shed to set up a small distillery to produce essential oils, soaps and ointments from local plants, the income raised from this will fund a medical dispensary.
Fundacion Integrar - Argentine
Computer studies support for poor students (60 young people).
ONG Guiden a Scouten fir Eng Welt - Senegal
Development of education (at school and vocational training level) in the Thies and Diourbel regions for children who have been unable to attend state schools for a variety of reasons.
Yolia Niñas de la Calle - Mexico
Implementation of education and health care programmes (physical and mental) for children and adolescents.

Therapeutical camps and recreational activities

Anak, Help the Children of Indonesia - Indonesia
Provision of electric scooters to young boarders at a school in the north of Bali, to enable them to travel safely from the boarding school to their work placements and extra-curricular activities.
Grand Tiger Tennis Club - Mongolia
Tennis lessons for children with autism or Down's syndrome to help them reintegrate into society and improve their motor skills.
Caring for our Children Foundation - Hungary
Contribution to the organisation of a summer camp for young people with multiple disabilities and their carers.
Mission of Smile and Hope - Slovakia
Organisation of a week-long therapeutic camp for 8 autistic children from disadvantaged families, each accompanied by a parent.
Patronage du Coeur (ACELHM) - France
Refurbishment of a village hall that hosts activities for young people from a difficult district of Paris, to keep them off the streets.
Promotion Communautaire Le Pivot asbl - Belgium
Participation in summer camps organised for disadvantaged young people in sensitive areas of the capital.

Therapies and support for people with disabilities

Babies Uganda - Uganda
Covering the school fees of 50 blind children (teachers, boarding school and school supplies).
Children of the Full Moon - Czech Republic
Funding for the training of educators who help families with children with severe disorders on the autism spectrum.
Fondazione Renato Piatti Onlus - Italy
Financing (maintenance, insurance and fuel) of the fleet of 4 minibuses used to transport people with reduced mobility to and from day-care centres.
GIRA - Portugal
Renovation of accommodation for people with psychological problems to prevent them from having to stay in psychiatric hospitals, and computer training for them.
Hand in Hand für Schwerst- und Krebskranke Kinder - Germany
Help for families with a very sick child, through technical adaptations to homes and/or vehicles
Autism Awareness Association for Children (OFDER) - Turkey
Equipment for a day centre for autistic people (salaries for care staff, technological and sports equipment, etc.).

Fighting human trafficking, forced labour and child prostitution

France Université Butembo (FUB) - Congo
Construction of three new classrooms at a school in North Kivu for children and young people fleeing the conflicts.
Free a Girl (The School for Justice) - Nepal
The School for Justice project: where survivors of sexual exploitation are trained to become lawyers, prosecutors, journalists, para-legal workers or police agents; to change the system from within and fight impunity.
i4Life - Zambia
Contribution to a nutritional rehabilitation programme for undernourished young children through the supply of high-protein supplements.
Lasova Organisation - Israel
Support for hostels for people in need and people at risk.

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