Whenever we hit the national papers, radio stations, or tv channels, we are happy people. After all, more publicity leads to more visitors to our lovely event. Getting more visitors means that we have more possibilities for the projects that we support.

Here is the latest media reponse for the Bazar weekend 2023:

L'Essentiel radio - 'La Story Part 1': Jean-Luc Bertrand interviews Giulia Jaeger, General Secretary of the Bazar International

L'Essentiel radio - 'La Story Part 2': Jean-Luc Bertrand interviews Charlotte de Vreeze, Vice-President of the Bazar International

Here is some of the media reaction for the Bazar weekend 2022:

ARA City Radio
Le Quotidien
Luxembourg Times
Luxemburger Wort
Roude Léiw
RTL Today
RTL 5 Minutes