SCANDINAVIA (Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden)

For any questions about the Scandinavian stands, or if you would like to volunteer please contact:

Head of Stand

Maria Österblad


Anette Roholm

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The Scandinavian Gift Stand offers new products from Swedish “Majas Cottage”. Majas Cottage donates 10% of their revenues to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund every year. Since its inception, around 700,000 euros have been donated. To tickle the tastebuds, the stand offers Nordic Tapas, Glögg (Mulled wine), Akvavit, Red Hot dogs, pastries wine and will this year introduce Norwegian Sweet Waffles with traditional toppings.

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Candles, Moomins, Caps and Gnomes at the Scandinavian Stand

Calendar, and other candles, from Denmark will keep you company on the dark evenings during countdown to Christmas.

For Moomin fans you can pick up Finnish Moomin products and the popular Reindeer furs.

Make sure you can enjoy endless winter walks with your loved ones by getting the best weather protection that Norway have to offer. The popular handmade tablecloths will of course be available as well.

If you have never met a Swedish ‘Tomte’ (gnome) you can do so in various versions. You will also find beautiful Scandinavian Christmas ornaments to make your Christmas complete.

You will find many more items at the Scandinavian stand, such as Christmas mugs and plates, glassware, ceramics, clothes and decorations among other things. When you are looking for stylish soft toys in traditional woollens, we have them!

The Smorgasboard…

Enjoy Nordic specialties like mulled wine (glögg) from Sweden. Shots of Norwegian Aquavit and Salmon sandwiches. Finnish Lapponia- and Gustav- liquors, Fazer chocolates and traditional pastries, Try the delicious Danish red Hot Dogs accompanied by the Swedish soft drink Julmust.

Try out our Nordic Tapas, such as various marinated Herring, Smoked Salmon mousse, Marinated and smoked Salmon raps, luxury Elk Meatballs and traditional Beef Meatballs.

The charities

The charities is the reason why we are all dedicated to work for the Bazar. Thanks to you buying our products and food, we can contribute with substantial amounts to the Bazar donations to charities all around the globe.

Our charity proposal for 2023, 'Together for Better', supports education in some of the most marginalized areas in the south-east of the Dominican Republic. The schools are run by local women, teachers and local foundations. Find out more.

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