Heads of Stand

Mrs Kauser Arif

Mrs Vivia Samuel

Henna decorations of hands, delicious foods and beautifully woven carpets. Those are just a few highlights of what the Pakistan stand has to offer. Just by visiting their stand, you can immerse yourself in their culture. In fact, that’s what all our stands do: pull you in as there is so much to see, taste and experience.

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Khushamdeed – Welcome!

The Pakistan Stand invites you to our colourful and exotic stand, perfect for unique gifts and bright home decorations.We have a selection of woolen and cotton shawls, cushion covers, bags, hand embroidered bedspreads and carpets.

Try our delicious and spicy food platter complete with chicken tikka masala, saffron rice, vegetable tarkari and our ever popular somosas.

In addition, the filigree henna tattooing cannot be matched anywhere else in the Bazar!

Please find pictures of our stand from previous years.