Head of Stand

Munkhbileg Sainbayar
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Mongolia has been represented at the Bazar International since 2017. Every year we organize a sale of cashmere products (scarves, shawls, jumpers, cardigans, hats, socks, gloves etc.), which are made in and brought all the way from Mongolia for visitors of the Bazar International.

Due to extremely cold climate conditions, the goats in Mongolia grow longer and finer fibers than those in other parts of the world, which is why Mongolian cashmere is of premium quality, extra soft and keeps you warm and cosy all the time.

We warmly welcome you to visit our stand at the Bazar International and buy gifts of organic and luxurious cashmere products for yourself and your loved ones for the holiday season.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email address above