Head of Stand

Marnix Wielenga
Tel.: +352 691 505 265
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Our Project for 2022

ALUPSE provides individualized home support that tends to strengthen the parent-child bond and support the family’s potential in difficult life situations.

In order to help especially family's in difficult situation ALUPSE provides a so-called BABYBOX containing all a new-born child is in need for the first six months.

For these Babyboxes ALUPSE needs your and our help to be able to buy all those goods in order to be in a position to provide those Babyboxes to those who are in need.

What we offer

The Lions Club Glasburen is happy and proud to be a part of the Bazar International.
Each year we present Luxembourg specialities such as:

Food & Beverages:

  • Gromperekichelcher mat Äppelkompott / Fried potato pancakes with compote
  • Wirschterscher mat Gromperezalot / Potato salad with sausages
  • Hierken mat Gromperen / Herrings with boiled potatoes
  • Bouneschlupp / Green pea soup
  • Rieslingspaschtéit
  • Beer: DIEKIRCH Grand cru
  • Crémants: Pol Faber and Gales
  • Soft drinks and Coffee: Roude Léiw Kaffi 
  • Chil-Choco
  • A large range of delicious jams from the DItgesbaach Farm near Ettelbrück, Luxembourg
  • Apple compote, honey and pickles

Non Food:

  • T-shirt with Luxembourg sayings, like 'Addi an Merci', 'Egal wat', and several more
  • Shopping bags 'Addi¬Merci'
  • Tea towels with the city view of Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Tea towels with Luxembourg recipes: Bouneschlupp, Gromperekichelcher
  • Chopping boards with Luxembourg recipes