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Part of the joy of the Bazar is having the world of shopping at your feet. How else would you get your hands on beautiful Kenyan handmade products (and don’t say the internet!). Lovely baskets, jewellery, clothing and even accessories for pets! Another absolute ‘must-visit’, from 24-26 November.

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You may know Kenya for her world accomplished long distance runners, however, the country and our Kenya stand offer much more to cherish and enjoy.


The Kenya Stand provides directly imported AA Arabica Coffee from a single farm. It is freshly roasted and freshly brewed. Kenya coffee has rich aromatic odors that offer a fine "nose" and full "bouquet" of delightful notes from the country’s fertile land and sun.


In addition, Kenya is the largest exporter of black tea in the world. The international community may be familiar with Kenya Gold Tea and even some blended brands. Kericho Gold is one of the leading tea production companies in the country and on at our stand.

Arts and crafts

The culture of Kenya is also presented through the wearable arts and crafts designed by different communities. These pieces range from bags, sandals, armbands and beaded necklaces to beaded dog collars and dog-leashes – all made locally from available materials. The beadwork embodies the Maasai culture, representing beauty, tradition, strength, and sometimes even social status.

Woven baskets and Maasai shuka

Our stand also offers traditionally woven baskets made from sisal or reed by Kenyan women. And the Maasai shuka (or traditional robe) which is a trademark type of clothing associated with Kenya but is also found in western markets and even on most fashion runways. The shuka is used to make clothes and other products like pillow cases and bedcovers.

Kikoy traditional woven cloth

Kikoy is a fashion line that has made an enormous name for itself the world over. Kikoy is another traditional woven cloth that was originally worn by the Arab traders in Kenya’s coastal region. It is known for its cooling and comfortable nature in tropical climates and perfect for beach days. Although many people are familiar with the beautiful clothing line, not many know that it is an original Kenyan production which can be used as a wrap, blanket, towel, head wrap, and where your imagination takes you. The Kikoy is available for visitors to view and purchase.

We look forward to seeing you KARIBU – HAKUNA MATATA

Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee
Pure Kenya Tea

Pure Kenya Tea
Handcrafted bracelets

Handcrafted bracelets
Handcrafted baskets

Handcrafted baskets

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