Head of Stand

Sue Dunlop

Some of the Book Stand team at the Bazar International weekend
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Books for children and teenagers

We have children's books in English, ranging from baby board books through picture story books up to books for teenage readers, plus a good choice of non-fiction. We also have children's books in French and in various other European languages.

English-language books for adults

For adults we have a wide choice of English-language fiction (classics, general, light, science fiction & fantasy, crime & thrillers) and, where non-fiction is concerned, history, biography, travel, religion & philosophy, nature & science, food & wine, house & garden, etc.

Dictionaries, reference books and more ...

We sell dictionaries in various languages, useful reference books and books for learning languages; drama, poetry, music & media.

Livres en français

Ceux qui cherchent des livres en français peuvent aussi trouver leur bonheur chez nous : nous offrons des romans, des polars, des livres de biographie, d'histoire et de philosophie, et bien sûr les BDs ne manquent pas.

Books in other languages

We have both fiction and non-fiction books in a number of other languages, depending on the donated books that we receive: Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese or other, mostly European, languages are usually available.

Special books

These may include rare/antiquarian books, first editions, children's collectibles and beautiful, high-quality art books, all at very reasonable prices and any of which may be suitable as a special gift.