Save the date:
The Bazaar 2016 will be on November 26-27!



As of the Remise des chèques ceremony on March 2 the 2015 Bazaar is now considered officially over.

Thanks to all of you who came out on that frosty November weekend and spent your hard earned money the Bazaar will be distribute the €600,000 to the 98 charities that will benefit from this year’s profits. This is our all time personal best!

To celebrate the end of the Bazaar the Committee and Heads of Stands attended the Remise des chèques ceremony to hand over the cheques to some of the local charities and, of course, the principle charity, which this year was the Bienvenu Shelter for Refugee Women and their Children.

Photos of the event taken by the talented photographer, Ramunas Astrauskas:


To help you remember the good times of the 2015 Bazaar, here are the photos mostly taken by four talented students from the Lycée Athénée de Luxembourg.

A big thank you to Cathy Simoes, Mina Kabbage, Felicia Bremin and Chloé Zigrand for all your hard work!