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This part of the Bazaar represents the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The stand is in two parts; one sells gift items which we think are typical of our respective countries and the other foods, also representative. We would like to give you an idea of what we offer, but we cannot list everything!

Welcome to the Scandinavian Stand 2018!

Gift Stand

Our visitors tell us that they consider visiting the Scandinavian stands is the true start of the Christmas season.

The countries in northern Europe has a long and well-known tradition in making the most appealing Christmas decorations.

If you have never met a Swedish ”Tomte” (gnome) you have the opportunity to meet him at the Scandinavian stand in various versions. You can even bring him home to enforce the Yuletide feeling.

Pick up Finnish Moomin products for Moomin fans or Calendar candles from Denmark for the countdown to Christmas. Norway offers weather protection so you can enjoy endless winter walks with your dear ones.

You will find Christmas mugs and plates, glassware and clothes among other things. Then there are also stylish soft toys in traditional woolens

Food Stand

Welcome to enjoy the Scandinavian smorgasbord…The famous red Hot Dogs from Denmark, Finnish pastries, smoked and marinated salmon sandwiches from Norway, Elk meatballs and smoked reindeer rolls from Sweden and much more...

There is mulled wine (glögg), drinks of Aquavit, Finnish Lapponia, Danish Christmas Beer, Swedish Julmust and other delights.

Try “Glöet” which is sparkling wine with a touch of Xmas flavour and pick up Finnish chocolate from Fazer Special Edition, to celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence.

You also have the opportunity to buy the award winning Norwegian KingMikal Salmon for your Christmas dinner.

We are proud and thankful that the Scandinavian stand’s charity proposal 'Friends of Portree' was voted as the main project among this year’s charity projects.

For more detailed information about our projects, please click on the links below

Friends of Portree

Friends of Portee – (Vänföreningen Portee)

Sierra Leone, on the West coast of Africa, is one of the poorest countries in the world. Half of the 6.5 million inhabitants are children and 75% of the inhabitants lives in urban slum and poor rural areas.

The country is still suffering from the civil wars in 1991-2002, the Ebola epidemic in 2014-2016 and major floodings in 2017. Schools and institutions were forced to close down their activites.

A meeting on a road outside a school in Gambia between the founder of Friends of Portree, Charlotte Elf, and Mr. Alieu Mansaray, a Sierre Leone citizen and teacher in exile, planted the seed that later became the association Friends of Portree.

Moving back to Sierra Leone, Mr. Mansaray started a school with eight students. Mrs. Elf supported the school by sending stationeries, pens and other equipment to the school. The school is now well established with a growing number of students.

In addition to supoorting the school, Friends of Portree also runs and are involved in several important projects.

Support a child through school
Currently around 150 sponsored children get their schooling paid by a sponsor in Sweden. Members of the board visit each new sponsor child and the sponsor receives a report about the sponsor child. Each year there follow up meetings with all sponsor children.

To support a child through school costs 65 EUR a year, including the Vf Portees membership fee.

Malaria Fund
Malaria is one of the biggest health problems in Sierra Leone and most people, both children and adults, are suffering from recurrent malaria. Many lack accesses to medicine and enough knowledge about the illness, leading to high mortality.

School lunch and food package
In Portee we aim to serve nutritious school lunch four times a week, consistent of local food cooked directly at the school and composed to fit a small child’s growing body. Since it is not only the children that needs to eat the teachers also get lunch, as well as the women cooking and their children. All in all, around 400 portions are being served.

Youth section
In Portee there is a youth section acting as part of our local partner organization since 2010.The section runs its own projects focusing on questions affecting the young population. Earlier projects have been around environmental, sexual rights and organization development. Today they are among other things running the school’s leisure center.

Children’s rights
In Sierra Leone few knows about the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and even though the country has ratified it many children are subjected to abuse in court cases.

VF Portee educates both teachers and students what the CRC stands for, how to discuss it, implement it as well as how the children’s voices can be heard in society.

Female Genital Mutilation
In Sierra Leone most of the girls are being circumcised. It is a procedure that is both painful and risky conducted by so called Djibbas and have a long tradition in the country and its culture. Vf Portee works with education all involved, the Djibbas, the mothers and the girls.

The project has so far reached all expectations and beyond resulting that many now actively are working against FGM. Many of the former Djibbas have retrained and are now working with other professions.

Reading and writing courses
The course is mainly targeting single mothers who are illiterate. It’s a great interest and the demand have been huge. To get basic understanding of reading and writing gives an increased self-confidence for these women and an increased possibility to get information of different types. The first course took place in 2010 and since then both basic courses as well as continuations have taken place.

The Women garden
There is a village in the central provinces called Kumra Bai Yoni, where some 60 women runs a cooperative garden with support from Vf Portee. The women run the entire process, from preparation of the fields, sowing, thinning and harvesting. The crops are used partly for the families themselves, but the surplus is sold on the local market. New processes are being developed. Today, as an example, sun drying is used as a method of preserving fruit that have a relatively short season.

Barnens Hopp

Barnens Hopp (Children’s Hope)

Barnens Hopp (Children's Hope) is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Stockholm Sweden. The organization runs a family home in the town Reni, located 300 km southwest of Odessa in Ukraine.

In the family home called Novy Dom, where they currently supply support for 22 children, the organisation take care of children who have a broken background, such as abused, hunger, poverty and misery. Children's Hope provides children with a life worth living.

Financially Barnens Hopp mainly relies on donations as well as sales in a dedicated second hand shop in Sweden

The charity also have an extensive outreach program, helping both in the immediate vicinity as well as the surrounding villages.

The following support our food stand with supplies, discounts/free deliveries and not least by lending us a fridge and selling salmon!


Fresh look for the Scandinavian Stands!

In 2013 the Scandinavian Gift stand decided to replace the more than 40 year old construction by having a replica built by Forum pour l’emploi a.s.b.l. (

The old Scandinavian Food stand was becoming a security risk and increasingly difficult to build up. In 2014 the stand was replaced by a new construction in the same design as the Gift stand.

We thank our sponsors below and, not at least, all you amazing people who every year is sharing with us how we Scandinavian’s celebrate Christmas.

H.H. Mortensen

Finnish ladies selling jumble at the Nordic Flea market