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Head of Stand

Zeynep Özer

We would like to welcome you to visit the Turkish Stand and enjoy variety of homemade traditional Turkish Food. Do not forget to have a cup of Turkish coffee after tasting our delicious food and desserts.

Photo Gallery Bazar 2018

Bazar 2019 Turkish Stand Food Menu

  1. Entrées
  2. Salads
  3. Main Courses
  4. Desserts
  5. Drinks
  • Corba [soup of the day / lentil soup]
  • Borek [patty]
  • Pogaca [pastry]
  • Kurabiye [cookie]          
  • Mercimek kofte [lentil balls]      
  • Sigara borek [Turkish spring rolls]
  • Icli kofte [Turkish stuffed meatball]
  • Kisir [Turkish boulgur wheat salad]
  • Saksuka [dried fried aubergines in tomatoe garlic sauce]
  • Enginar salata [artichoke salad]
  • Kereviz salata [celery salad]
  • Patlican salata [eggplant salad]
  • Piyaz [baked giant beans in tomato sauce]
  • Karniyarik [Turkish stuffed whole aubergines fried and slitted with meat]
  • Imambayildi [stuffed eggplant - onion, garlic, tomatoes, simmered in olive oil
  • Sarma [vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs]
  • Patlican dolma [eggplant stuffed with rice and herbs]
  • Izmir kofte [Izmir-style meat balls]
  • Kilis oruk kofte [Kilis-style meat balls]
  • Pide [Turkish pizza]
  • Cig kofte [vegetarian tartar balls – boulgour, pepper, tomatoe paste, onion, garlic, spices]
  • Karisik kizartma [fried mixed vegetables]
  • Ciger sote [baked beef liver with vegetables]
  • Peynirli kek
  • Kavurma [pan fried meat]
  • Kadayif [shredded dough baked in syrup topped with crushed nuts]
  • Baklava [homemade with walnut]          
  • Baklava [with pistachio]
  • Baklava [walnut]
  • Halka tatlisi [Turkish sweet churros]
  • Ayva tatlisi [Turkish quince dessert]
  • Asure [Ashure or Noah’s pudding]
  • Gullac [Ramadan dessert – milk, pomegranate, special kind of pastry]
  • Sutlac firin [Turkish-style baked rice pudding]
  • Revani [semolina cake]
  • Sekerpare [Turkish baked soft pastry dipped in syrup]
  • Kabak tatlisi [pumpkin dessert]. 
  • Muhallebi [Turkish style milk pudding]
  • Helva [halva, halawa]
  • Turkish tea
  • Apple tea
  • Turkish coffee
  • Ayran [yoghurt shake]

Turkish Goods Section

After enjoying your food, we also would like to invite you to our souvenir stand which you can find many things from ceramics to rugs. Just next to it, our traditional handmade silver ornaments stand again has various items for you to try on and buy. We explain below; two different methods of manufacturing hand-made silver ornaments in Turkey.


Kazaziye, (also known as 'Kazazlık' or 'Kazaz'), is a Handmade jewellery technique. Kazaziye is a historical technique from the Caucasus. Kazaziye is a local art from the northern Turkish city Trabzon. Kazaziye made by hand with only 1,000 carat silver or 24 carat gold. The exact history of Kazaz is not well-known, however, it is said that this art was born in Mesopotamia area by Lydians in 2,800 BC and later spread north to Anatolia.


Telkari [Filigree] is a delicate kind of jewellery metalwork, usually of silver, made with tiny beads or twisted threads, or both in combination, soldered together or to the surface of an object of the same metal and arranged in artistic motifs. Archaeological finds in ancient Mesopotamia indicate that filigree was incorporated into jewelry since 3,000 BC. Specific to the city of Midyat in Mardin Province of Turkey in upper Mesopotamia, a form of filigree using silver and gold wires, known as 'telkari', was developed in the 15th Century. To this day, expert craftsmen in this region continue to produce fine pieces of telkari.