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Head of Stand

Willemijn den Boer
Tel.: + 352 621 367 471

Marije Aerts
Tel.: +352 621 456 473

Welcome to the Dutch Stand

For over 50 years we have been present at the Bazar International and have been able to give financial support to social projects in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world.

Our projects for 2019 are

We are delighted to share with you the two charities that we submitted and were accepted for this year’s Bazar:

Free a Girl

Free a Girl is an association whose objective is to prevent the sexual exploitation of underage girls, to protect them from this scourge, to bring to justice those responsible for the human trafficking, to treat and rehabilitate the victims and to raise awareness and involve families and the public in this fight against sexual exploitation of minors and human trafficking.

Theresia’s Orphans

Theresia’s Orphans and vulnerable children foundation started out as a safe house for orphaned children but has evolved into an enterprise that also grows moringa trees and produces moringa tree products with which they make money to send the local children to school.

What do we sell?

Every year we offer the freshest of fish brought to us and sold by a family of fish traders. We also sell the most wonderful cheeses and as that requires very specific knowledge as well, we have a cheese store owner that comes in to sell the cheese. They love selling their goods at the Bazar and complement our stand team in a wonderful way: they enjoy the atmosphere and greatly add to it! Next to this we are slowly becoming famous for our sate with peanut sauce and add-ons that find their origin in the Indonesian kitchen, but have become an important and loved part of Dutch cuisine.

Last year we started selling bitterballs – something we had long been asked about – and were so successful that of course they will be sold againg this year.

However, one cannot live of food alone so we are proud that we are supported greatly by THE brand of all beer brands: Heineken! Their support means the world to us and every year, when their shipment is delivered at LuxExpo/the Box, we feel pride for this great Dutch brand when opening the boxes of Heineken glasses, Heineken coasters, Heineken t-shirts and other goods they send us.

So. If there is one thing you should be doing at the Bazar 2019, it is to have a Heineken beer, a ‘maatje’ or saté and a few bitterballs. It will just simply improve your day 😊.


Every year for the last decade we’ve sold beautiful handicraft items. This year is no exception. In fact, we will add to the space for those wonderful handmade gifts. From beautifully decorated wooden boxes, painted candles and a whole range of products with a ‘bird’ – theme to perfectly crafted pottery: bowls, plates, vases. Make sure you buy all your Christmas gifts at our stand – the receiving party will be so thrilled!

New in the stand this year is an array of beautifully handmade scarves and felt (Christmas) decorations by ‘Sjaal met verhaal’. The scarves are beautiful, incredibly warm and come in all different colours of the rainbow. Be quick to buy your favourite pieces as we expect them to fly out of our stand!

Tombola 2019

We are always proud to host our tombola and sell tickets for it because we have some great gifts to hand out to the winners and of course, it brings in a lot of extra money for all the important and wonderful charities that are supported by the Bazar International. Some of this year’s great prizes include a one-year membership of the ­Luxembourg Golf Club Belenhaff and a 2-persons flight over Luxembourg in a Cesna plane. Other big and fun prizes are hair treatments at Tonio Coiffure, a night in a trendy hotel smack dab in the center of Maastricht and the list goes on! So, buy your tickets, support our charities and who knows, you may even win a cool prize!


Our committee consists of six enthusiastic members who are assisted by volunteers before and during the Bazar weekend. Without their support, team spirit and creativity, the organization of our stand would not be possible so we are always grateful for all the help we get. For any further information and ideas or if you want to contribute in any way, please contact Charlotte de Vreeze-Nauta: + 352 661 861 252 or