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Head of Stand

Willemijn den Boer
Tel.: + 352 621 367 471

Marije Aerts
Tel.: +352 621 456 473

Welcome to the Dutch Stand

For over 50 years we have been present at the Bazar International and have been able to give financial support to social projects in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world.


Dear friends,

We hope that this message finds you in good health. Last weekend should have been the moment for us all to shine at the International Bazar... But we are confident that next year will be even better!

Scarfs sale and other must have Christmas presents: 100% FAIRTRADE AND HANDMADE

We are happy to announce that you can buy your FAIRTRADE and HANDMADE presents this year online and contribute at the same time to charity: 

The Bazar's International Fonds d’Aide Humanitaire d’Urgence!

Please write us an email to if interested and we will give you further information! 

Note that we also will give you an action codeLUXEMBOURG and you will receive a free lovely little snowman as a give away! Part of the revenue, of course, will go to the Bazar's charity. 

Easy done

Your order will be shipped directly to your address or to those you want to surprise with a great gift! 

Happy holiday season to you all!

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season and looking forward to meeting you again in person next year at the International bazar.

The Dutch stand committee Marion, Stefan, Dirk-Jan, Petra, Willemijn & Marije

What do we sell?

Every year we offer the freshest of fish brought to us and sold by a family of fish traders. We also sell the most wonderful cheeses and as that requires very specific knowledge as well, we have a cheese store owner that comes in to sell the cheese. They love selling their goods at the Bazar and complement our stand team in a wonderful way: they enjoy the atmosphere and greatly add to it! Next to this we are slowly becoming famous for our sate with peanut sauce and add-ons that find their origin in the Indonesian kitchen, but have become an important and loved part of Dutch cuisine.

Last year we started selling bitterballs – something we had long been asked about – and were so successful that of course they will be sold againg this year.

However, one cannot live of food alone so we are proud that we are supported greatly by THE brand of all beer brands: Heineken! Their support means the world to us and every year, when their shipment is delivered at LuxExpo The Box, we feel pride for this great Dutch brand when opening the boxes of Heineken glasses, Heineken coasters, Heineken t-shirts and other goods they send us.

We try every year to surprise you with beautiful Dutch handicraft items. Make sure you buy all your Christmas gifts at our stand – the receiving party will be so thrilled!



We are always proud to host our tombola. Buy your tickets, support our charities and who knows, you may even win a cool prize!


Our committee consists of six enthusiastic members who are assisted by volunteers before and during the Bazar weekend. Without their support, team spirit and creativity, the organization of our stand would not be possible so we are always grateful for all the help we get. For any further information and ideas or if you want to contribute in any way, please contact Willemijn den Boer + 352 621 367 471 - or Marije Aerts +352 621 456 473 -