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Head of Stand

Ms Katalin HALÁSZ

Welcome to the Hungarian stand

The Hungarian stand continues to raise funds for charities in 2021, despite of the Bazaar’s cancellation this year due to the pandemic. The volunteers of the Hungarian stand wish you a safe and healthy holiday season, and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2021!

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  • Try our traditional Hungarian dishes and drinks such as goulash, cakes, bejgli, wines, beers, Unicum and Pálinkawhile having a chat with your friends and members of the Hungarian community.
  • Listen to live Hungarian popular music in the background while you enjoy your food and drinks.


  • Take home some typical items of Hungarian cuisine with you such as paprika powder to spice up your food, along with classic Hungarian salami, sausages and honey
  • Don't forget to buy some wine (red or white) or our famous Tokaji dessert wine, which also makes a perfect Christmas gift
  • Red pepper, hot and sweet
  • Goulash cream
  • Jams
  • Apple crisps
  • Typical Hungarian Christmas candies and Túró Rudi


  • Buy some hand-made arts and crafts, including genuine leather gloves, jewelry and novelty items
  • Toys for small and big




  • Don't forget to buy your winning tickets!
  • More than 50 prizes each year



The Hungarian stand of the Bazar International de Luxembourg has supported a number of charities, including over 20 Hungarian foundations every year since 2006.

We thank all our sponsors for their support to achieve the success of the Hungarian stand!

You can find more information on our Facebook site:


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