Emergency relief fund (Fond d’Urgence)

Since its inception, the Bazar International has also provided ad hoc relief to the victims of emergencies and natural disasters around the world. The Emergency relief fund (Fond d’Urgence) gives financial assistance each year to victims, quickly and effectively. The choice for donations from the Emergency relief fund is left to the discretion of the Steering Committee but any stand member, as well as an external party may make a request or come with a suggestion. In the past, money from this fund has been used to help victims of:

  • the explosion in 2020 in Lebanon,
  • the war in Syria, aiding refugees fleeing from Syria to Europe,
  • the typhoon in the Bahamas,
  • the earthquakes in Italy, and recently
  • to help victims of the war in the Ukraine.

If you want to be in touch with us concerning the Fond d’Urgence, please contact us via:
bazarinternationaldeluxembourg@gmail.com and charlottenauta@gmail.com