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Head of Stand

Mariana Van Niekerk
Tel.: +352 621 484 553   

Mrs Pat da Silva
Tel.: +352 691 335 571


After having a short break in 2012, we were very surprised at how much we were missed at the bazaar by so many people and other stands. You all gave us renewed energy to come back to be part of the Big Bazaar Family, to raise money for so many needy causes out in the world today.

This new start in, 2014, we will be selling various arts and crafts; made by hand crafts men and women who need our support.  Of course don’t forget our tasty South African foods: ostrich steaks & burgers, boerewors rolls, and to wash it down Windhoek beer, Savanna cider and South Africa wines.

We would especially like to thank Cargolux for the support they have shown us during the past and we look forward to continue working with them.

2014 South Africa Local is Lekker

The South African stand has been represented at the bazaar for nearly 20 years.  Pat da Silva has done a fantastic job of representing our beloved country and giving Luxembourg a taste of “Africa”.  Without the presence of those that have helped at the stand over the weekend or even behind the scenes before the bazaar, it would not have been possible, so a big thank you to you all!  

Well done! 

If you would like to volunteer your services for an hour or two, please get in touch with us at the above contact details. 

So thank you to all that make the South African stand at the International Bazaar possible!!!

We look forwarding to seeing you at the bazaar to sample our delights!!!

Kom lekker kuier…… ek sê ! … jislaaik! …. eish!


A blast for the past: photos from our past stands. A reminder of what to expect this year!