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In 2008 the Russian Stand was presented at the Bazaar for the first time. We believe that our participation in this event serves a worthy cause and marks the contribution the Russian people play in Luxembourg in business, social, cultural and every-day life. The Russian Stand is supported by the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

We invite you to come and support us and please bring along your friends and family. It will be a fun-filled event where you can get a taste of the Russian culture through food and crafts!

The Russian Stand at the Bazar International

You are very welcome to come by! We would like to propose you a vast selection of Christmas gifts!

Even more importantly, we can offer you an outstanding Russian meal! You can taste Russian cuisine prepared for you with love!

Our menu

Herring sandwiches
Red caviar sandwiches
Traditional Russian salad
Pirogi (Pies) with different fillings
Salted pickles

Vodka, sparkling wine


Persons in charge

Tatiana Hoffmann   +352 621 32 78 46
Aliona Zander  +352 621 28 20 35
Ekaterina Volotovskaya   +352 621 24 60 24

Special thanks to the Embassy of the Russian Federation who has helped us to make this occasion so special.