About Us

The Bazar International de Luxembourg is a Luxembourgish organisation that is quite unique. Run entirely by volunteers, it is non-commercial and independent and combines the act of fundraising with a multicultural shopping event that attracts thousands of visitors into the halls of LuxExpo The Box. For 60 years, it has been the largest international fundraising event in Luxembourg.

Every year the Bazar International supports dozens of charities worldwide. Where else but in Luxembourg can you gather over 60 nationalities under one roof and see them raising funds for worthy causes while also representing their own countries?

For the history of the Bazar, written by Olivia Collin for the celebration of the Bazar’s 50th Anniversary in 2010 click here

Organisational structure

The Committee

Every stand has one official ‘Head of Stand’. These Head of Stands are members of the Bazar International and they cast their votes in choosing the committee. Committee members are appointed for two years.

President: Carmen Decalf
General Secretary: Giulia Jaeger
Treasurer: Iain Hackston
Vice-President: Massimo Amato
Members: Claudie Henckes-Pisana, Maria Skalidi, Charlotte de Vreeze-Nauta

Working groups

We are organised in working groups based on our talents and interests. Our President is part of all working groups, our spokesperson for media and our tireless engine.

Organisation Bazar International Weekend: Claudie Henckes-Pisana and Maria Skalidi
Fundraising Events: Giulia Jaeger, Maria Skalidi and Charlotte de Vreeze-Nauta
Charities/Humanitarian Projects: Massimo Amato and Charlotte de Vreeze-Nauta
Communication: Giulia Jaeger and Charlotte de Vreeze-Nauta
Finances/Treasury: Massimo Amato and Iain Hackston
Legal: Giulia Jaeger



Contact us

To contact us, please address your email to one of the working groups:

Bazar weekend: bazarweekend@bazarinternational.lu
Fundraising events:
Charities: bazarcharity@bazarinternational.lu
Communication: bazarcommunication@bazarinternational.lu
Legal: bazarlegal@bazarinternational.lu

For general information: bazarinfo@bazarinternational.lu

Of course, we are happy to connect with you through social media so please look us up on Instagram and Facebook.