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Gift stand: Ebba Odhner
Food stand: Maria Osterblad

This part of the Bazaar represents the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The stand is in two parts; one sells gift items which we think are typical of our respective countries and the other foods, also representative. We would like to give you an idea of what we offer, but we cannot list everything!


Welcome to the Scandinavian Stand 2016!

bluedragonlogoThe Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
The Scandinavian Stand is proud to support the principal charity of the Bazar, the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. It is the first time, in over 50 years, that the Scandinavian stand has nominated a project that has been chosen as principal charity by the Bazar International.
The Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation helps street children, disabled children and victims of trafficking in Vietnam. The foundation has several projects to support education, housing, legal aid and runs a shelter for those children unable to return to their families.

For more information   The text from the committee.  A video by the foundation’s founder explaining their work.  Link to a virtual explanation.



Together for Charity
The Scandinavian Stand is also proud to present our second charity to be selected for the 2016 Bazar: Together for Charity supports a school in Lebanon for Syrian refugee children.

For more information


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Denmark (Scandinavian Stand) at the Bazar International de Luxembourg


This year we have focused on the traditional ‘calendar’ candles as well as classic white (stearin) candles – also for Christmas trees. Furthermore, we offer modern Christmas articles from the Danish company Proba.


This year you find out all about the handmade ‘Tonttu‘ from Finland! You’ll fall in love with the cute little Tonttu (gnome) in the picture ❤

We have handmade products by Finnish ladies in Luxembourg, some Marimekko & Ratia products and of course Moomins for the youngest in the family.

Our stand sends its warmest thanks to our great sponsor FinlandStore.


Finnish Tonttu
 Norway (Scandinavian Stand) at the Bazar International de Luxembourg


Norway offers protection from the winter weather, be it snow or rain. There are Christmas mugs and plates, glassware and cheese slicers among other things. Then there are stylish soft toys in traditional woolens and the mysterious polar bear.


Have you met a ‘Tomte’ before? They are waiting for you together with a whole lot of traditional but also new typical Christmas decorations on the Swedish side of the stand.

Sweden (Scandinavian Stand) at the Bazar International de Luxembourg


Scandinanvian Food Stand of the Bazar International de Luxembourg

Then there is the food… The famous red Hot Dogs from Denmark, Finnish pastries, smoked and marinated salmon sandwiches from Norway, Elk meatballs and smoked reindeer rolls from Sweden.

There is mulled wine (glögg), and the opportunity to sample the national drinks of Aquavit, Finnish Lapponia, Danish Christmas Beer, Swedish Julmust and other delights.

You also have the opportunity to buy the famous Norwegian SeaEagle Salmon for your Christmas dinner.

Scandinanvian Food Stand of the Bazar International de Luxembourg                       Scandinanvian Food Stand of the Bazar International de Luxembourg Scandinanvian Food Stand of the Bazar International de Luxembourg

The following support our food stand with supplies, discounts/free deliveries
and not least by lending us a fridge and selling salmon!


                                                       ScanShop                      Thomas Fairfax Jones

The Scandinavian Stand has a new look for 2015!

Fresh look for the Scandinavian Stands!

In 2013 the Scandinavian Gift stand decided to replace the more than 40 year old construction by having a replica built by Forum pour l’emploi a.s.b.l. (

The old Scandinavian Food stand was becoming a security risk and increasingly difficult to build up. In 2014 the stand was replaced by a new construction in the same design as the Gift stand.

We thank our sponsors below and, not at least, all you amazing people who every year is sharing with us how we Scandinavian’s celebrate Christmas.

Amplion Asset Management Oy            Banque Öhman S.A.            Nordic Women’s Club

Swedbank Asset Management S.A.                     SEB S.A.                 Svenska Handelsbanken S.A.

      H.H. Mortensen          Finnish ladies selling jumble at the Nordic Flea market