Bazaar Stands

The Stands of the Bazar International de Luxembourg

The 56th Bazar International will take place at LUXEXPO on November 26-27,  2016.

Stands which will participate in the 2016 Bazaar are listed below. Click on the name of the Stand to see their page.

Argentina Cyprus Japan Russia
Australia Czech Republic Korea Scandinavia
(Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden)
Austria Egypt Lebanon Slovakia
Azerbaijan France Liechtenstein Slovenia
Backstand Germany / Deutschland Luxembourg South Africa
Baltic States
(Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania)
Great Britain Mauritius Spain
Bangladesh Greece Mexico Sri Lanka
Belgium Guatemala Netherlands Switzerland
Books Lions Club – Glasburen Pakistan Tea Room / Salon de Thé
Brazil Hungary Peru Thailand
Burundi Iceland Philippines Treasure Chest / Malle aux Trésors
Canada India Poland Turkey
Chile Iran Portugal Ukraine
(People’s Repulic of)
Ireland Rwanda United States
Crêperie & Bar Israel Romania Venezuela
Croatia Italy Round Table / Table Ronde